RO1. Kappa Maki   $3.95

Cucumber roll

RO2. Avocado Maki   $4.95

Avocado roll   $5.95

RO3. California Maki   $6.95

Crabstick, avocado, cucumber

RO4. Cucumber Avocado Maki   $5.95

RO5. Shrimp Tempura Maki                                                                    

RO6. Spicy Tuna Maki   $6.95

Tuna, tempura crump & spicy mayo

RO7. Spicy Tuna Tempura Maki    $8.95

RO8. Spicy Salmon Tempura Maki    $8.95

RO9. Unagi Avocado Maki     $7.95

Eel with avocado

                          SPECIAL CREATION MAKI

CO1. Spider Maki  $12.95

Soft shell crab with cucumber and eel sauce

CO2. Revolution Maki   $13.95

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese & avocado roll covered by eel with eel suace

CO3. Black Dragon   $14.95

Crabstick roll top with eel, spicy mayo and eel sauce

CO4. Spicy Spider Roll   $13.95

Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado & cucumber roll covered in spicy mayo & eel

CO5. Spicy Tuna Black Dragon  $15.95

Spicy tuna roll covered in eel with spicy mayo and eel sauce

CO6. Vocano Maki   $14.95

Shrimp tempura  covered in crabstick and cream cheese

CO7. Alligator Maki  $14.95

Shrimp tempura & crabstick roll covered by scallion, sweet eel sauce